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Focus on What You Control: Purify the Air Indoors

We offer products that clean the air indoors because we want to be effective. In contrast, complaining about the pollution problem and asking others to change their behaviour is not. Farmers need to clear their agricultural waste, and burning it is the local tradition. We don’t blame people for wanting to make a living. Instead, we choose to focus our work on making a difference: we help people clean the air indoors. 

This hot season, when the pollution is worse, we will test three questions:

1) Will people in Chiang Mai want to know which places have clean air, and will they prefer to visit those places?

2) Will small business owners commit to having clean air indoors for the health of their customers?

3) Who wants to earn rewards in Bitcoin for checking that a business has clean air indoors?

By the end of this year’s burning season, we will know the answer to each of these questions. If our ideas are correct, we will have many happy customers, who offer and enjoy clean air indoors. Chiang Mai will have many small businesses with air purifiers. And also, we can see how much they care about your health.

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