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AirDeveloppa vs No Brand Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a new kind of electronic to have at home. Only recently because of the high level of pollution in major cities, air purifiers are becoming a necessity in every home.

Most air purifiers out there from big brands, have quite a price tag and cannot be afforded by many people or to put it simply, some people are still not convinced about the dangers of PM2.5 and do not feel like spending a huge amount of money on an air purifier.

Because is a new market, people are not aware or have education about what is what, which leave the room open for manufacturers to make all kinds of claims about their products and unfortunately most consumers believe them.

Have you seen the No Brand Air Purifier while shopping online in Thailand?

It says it works in big rooms, has many features, looks good, and the price can be as low as THB 1,099!

Doesn’t this sound too good to be true?

AirDeveloppa bought a No Brand Air Purifier and put it to test to find out if it is as good as the shops claim

What we found out in our tests really surprised us, the No Brand Air Purifier is a COMPLETE SCAM😦

As you can see from our tests and comparisons, the No Brand Air Purifier has a low CADR, therefore it cannot support 35m2 to 50m2 as advertised, it can only effectively work in small rooms of 7m2 to 15m2.

Another lie is the power consumption. As you can see in the user manual, they say it only uses 35W when in reality is using 50W🔌.

The PM2.5 sensor is also useless, it cannot measure anything accurate at all🙅‍♂️.

❌Verdict: looks good from outside, worst performance in the market.

More importantly, this is a dishonest product…..

Fortunately, you don’t need to sell a leg to have a good and powerful air purifier. Brands such as AirDeveloppa and SmartAir produce affordable and tested air quality products.

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