Find local places with clean air

If you care about air quality and know how harmful PM2.5 and other pollutants are, you probably have an air purifier at home, but… you don’t want to stay at home all day right? What about going out and enjoying clean air at many different indoor locations?

With the AirDeveloppa app, you will be able to find places such as coffee shops, gyms, coworking spaces, restaurants!

Find clean air

Clean air map

Easily find places with our unique map

Real time data

Get real time AQI data as well as the last hour and 24h

Compare with outdoor air quality

Easily compare how clean the air is indoors compared to outside

Find directions and more info

Instantly redirected to Gmaps or Facebook page

How it works is so simple

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Find places with clean air

Look for venues around you that have a good AQI rating

Go and enjoy

Enjoy a workout, a coffee or massage whilst safely breathing clean air

Get paid for verifying the network! (coming soon)

We want to empower people by giving them the chance to verify the network by providing a rating to the participating indoor venues. In exchange, verificators will get a small payment of $0.5 using blockchain technology

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