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12-month warranty with local support
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Better air quality made simple

Buy Now ₹5,500 ₹7000
FREE SHIPPING - Buy 2 and get ₹250 off with voucher code AIRSIMPLE
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12-month warranty with local support
Created by a German Engineer and Thai Designer
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Purify your home in 18 minutes

The AirCleaner Personal is a powerful and affordable air purifier for everyone. Designed by a German Engineer and Thai Designer, our air purifier focuses in efficient filtering technology and moving big amounts of air as fast as possible.

AirDeveloppa loves simplicity and efficiency. That's why our air purifier works as good as other expensive models but has a much cheaper price and uses less electricity. Furthermore, the AirCleaner Personal has been validated and tested by the Chiang Mai University.

Ideal for studios, bedrooms and small offices

The AirCleaner Personal works great in rooms of up to 30m2. Have a bigger room? Just buy 2! It will work better than having a single big unit.

If you are asthmatic or have allergies to dust mites or pollen, we can guarantee that you will feel better as the AirCleaner Personal is capable of filtering the air in a room at least 4 times per hour at maximum speed.

Stop hazardous PM2.5 and PM10 from entering your lungs

Adsorbs dangerous VOCs from housework, gases and cigar smell

Reduce dust levels at home and control allergies

Ideal for studios, bedrooms and small offices

Fan Speed Control: powerful or quiet, you choose

Low power consumption, cheaper electric bills!

Filters can be easily replaced

Assembled in a ISO9001 Factory

Air Filter Technology

The science behind powerful purification

  • 1

    Nylon Net

    Stops big particles from entering the filter and protecs from user touch

  • 2

    HEPA with Antibacterial

    Removes 99.86% of PM2.5 from the air and inhibits baterial growth

  • 3

    Carbon Activated

    Absorbs dangerous VOCs from housework, gases and cigar smell

Smart Money

Half the price of the main brand competitors

Best Deal

AirCleaner Personal

Retail Price ₹5,500
CADR 261m3/h
Power Consumption 14W

Xiaomi Mi 3

Retail Price ₹10,000
CADR 380m3/h
Power Consumption 38W

Honeywell Air Touch V2

Retail Price ₹8,000
CADR 250m3/h
Power Consumption 47W

Don’t take our word for granted!

See our test results for yourself below

In addition, AirCleaner Personal has been independently tested and validated by the Environmental Science Research Centre at Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

Download Test Report

96% Virus Filtration Efficiency

We take air quality very seriously and only claim what we can back with science.

Test Results


CADR (min/max) 124m3/h to 261m3/h
Power Consumption (min/max) 0.5W/14W
Noise Level 38dBA/60dBA
Input Voltage Universal 100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Electrical Certifications CE, RoHS
Weight 2kg
Dimensions 41cm*20cm*20cm
Housing Material ABS

Fequently asked questions

Q: Is there any warranty?

The AirCleaner Personal has shipping damage insurance and a 1-year warranty that covers any fan or speed regulator malfunctioning.

If your AirCleaner Personal stops working please contact technical support at or AirDeveloppa India Facebook Page for a free replacement of broken parts.

Q: How long does the delivery take?

Between 1 to 3 days if stock is available.

Q: Can I buy it at a physical shop?

Not available yet.

Q: Do you sell the fan without the filter?


Q: Can I change the speed of the fan?

Yes, the AirCleaner Personal comes with a fan box controller to adjust the fan speed. We recommend placing it at full speed for 20 minutes and then low speed for quieter operation and to save electricity.

Q: Works with Xiaomi filters and what's the difference?

The HEPA filter that comes with the AirCleaner Personal is the same as the one used in the Xiaomi Mi 2S in terms of size and dimensions and it can work with Xiaomi units. However our filter does not have the RFID tag from the original Xiaomi, so the filter usage percentage function will not work.

Q: When should I change the filter?

Approximately after 6 months of use.

People with Clean Air Reviews

"Love my AirCleaner Personal! Affordable, efficient, and perfect for Mumbai’s air."

Rajesh K., Mumbai

"Allergy relief at last! Stylish, effective, easy-to-use – a must-have."

Anjali P., New Delhi

"Transformed my office air in Bangalore. Compact, effective, and value for money."

Suresh D., Bangalore

"Quick delivery, easy maintenance. Cleaner air at home. Highly recommend!"

Priya V., Kolkata

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