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Air Purifier Technical Specifications

Don’t be intimidated! Here’s a list of the most important air purifier technical specifications you need to know.

Power Consumption

What is power consumption and why does it matter to you?

As you probably know, once a month you get a bill charging you for the amount of electrical energy you have used in the last month.

Every electrical appliance, including air purifiers, uses power from the electrical grid. Therefore, the more power your air purifier uses, the higher your electricity bill will be.

AirCleaner Personal has a maximum power consumption of 20 Watts, while other brands with similar performance use around 40W to 50W. How does this compare in actual numbers?

Assuming you pay 5 THB per kWh and have the air purifier running in full power for 3 hours per day, then in 12 months:

AirCleaner Personal = 3h*20W*365d = 21.9kWh*5THB/kWh = 110THB
Competition = 3h*50W*365d = 54.75kWh*5THB/kWh = 274THB

As you can see from the calculation above, you’ll save more than half in your electricity bill and achieve the same performance compared to similarly branded air purifiers.

Also, because the total energy consumption is less, but performance nearly the same, the AirCleaner Personal is a more energy-efficient “green” device!

Loudness Level

Measuring loudness in decibels allows the user to know how loud or noisy the device can be compared to other common noises we all hear in our everyday life. Here is a dBA chart

The AirCleaner Personal has a loudness level of 45dBA at low speed and 65dBA at maximum speed. As it can see from the graph above, that’s equivalent to the average home noise or a human conversation.

Input Voltage

When you plug an electrical device into the wall, depending on where you are in the world, the voltage might be 110V or 220V and with a frequency of 60Hz or 50Hz.

Some electrical appliances such as fridges, air conditioners or fans can only work with one voltage and frequency.

The AirCleaner Personal has a universal power supply and it works with all standard voltages and frequencies, therefore you can take it anywhere you go in the world!

Electrical Certifications

In order to legally sell electrical products, these have to undergo some regulatory testing and achieve certifications that indicate that the products conform with health, safety, environmental protection standards and electromagnetic compliance.

In Europe, one of these certifications is called CE while in the USA is called FCC.

The AirCleaner Personal power supply has both CE and FCC marking and certifications.

Now that you know the basics of air purifier technical specifications you can shop with more confidence knowing what you are getting.

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