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About AirDeveloppa

Back in March 2019, Chiang Mai experienced one of the worst air pollution in the planet. The smoke was so dense that the whole city was covered by a thick layer of burnt biomass.

Looking to protect ourselves, we wanted to buy an air purifier to clean indoor air and an air quality monitor to measure the AQI on spot. We looked at the market and everything seem to be quite expensive and being engineers and makers, we did some research and found out that we could develop our own air purifier and air quality monitor. This gave birth to our first prototype.

The results were so good in terms of cleaning the air and measurement accuracy that we decided to take the idea further and develop fully commercial devices. The next step was to design 3D printed enclosures and the circuit board for the air quality monitor

The products you see at AirDeveloppa are the result of 9 months of work from an Electronics Engineer and a Product Designer. We set ourselves with the goal of making the most affordable air quality products without compromising performance. And we have achieved it!
We are also based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and absolutely love this city. We have find a local factory which can manufacture our products in quantity.We hope you love our products and wish you a healthy breathing.

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